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Godís message to the poor. The Mystery of Money Revealed Seminar

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Graydon Hall. was born and raised on the wrong side of the tracks. The first part of his life was spent struggling with a learning disability, involved in violence, poverty and criminal activity.

At middle age, while still mired in a destructive life style, two situations occurred. First he had an encounter with God  .  Later a businessman introduced him to the Bible where he learned more. His attitude and life began to change and things got better.

He attended and graduated from a minister training school founded New Life Outreach Inc. and took a position as a pastor. That was the end of contentment and complacency. It was the beginning of a series of trials and problems.

He found myself in a losing battle. Physical ailments, money problems, inner demons causing destructive behavior, rebellious children and doubt about the Bible all raised their ugly head. Prayer did not help.

He began a diligent search into what the Bible said about the spiritual cause and cure of problems as well as what we have to do in order to have the results that the Bible promises.

What he discovered changed his life. He resigned his position as pastor and continued researching what the Bible says about attacks by the forces of darkness, unexplored Bible methods for healing and being healed and the need for receiving Godís power. He discovered a whole new view of Godís plan and the purpose of life.

He discovered that not only does God offer opportunity but there are also corrections to be made, commandments that must be obeyed, responsibilities that must be fulfilled and divine warnings that must be heeded. 

Today Mr. Hall writes, teaches, publishes and distributes what he learned.

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