The Mystery of Money Revealed

A Financial System for the Poor

The world is a competitive dog eat dog place. Society is filled with people who do not have the education, marketable skills or opportunity compete. In an age where higher education is a must our schools are filled with children who do not have the intellect to even graduate from junior high school say nothing about college. How do I know I was one  and live among them every day. The Bible offers a whole new financial opportunity for those who have a messed up life but we must make changes in order for success. The following files are some samples from a financial seminar for the poor.

The Mystery of Money Revealed Seminar Introduction

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Lets Win the Money War Text File

 The Beginning of Financial Problems-Trouble in the Earth  Audio File

 The Two Financial Systems

Prospering in Hard Times  Audio File

The Tithe    Taking Control of Your Financial Destiny 

The Financial Thieves in Our Soul

The Law of Multiple Growth

 The Connection between Wisdom and Prosperity Audio file

Wisdom the Vessel and Creator of Wealth Text File

Our Mouth Mind Money Audio File

Our Mouth Mind Money Text File


The Bible Financial System & The Purpose of Life


Forming a financial Partnership with God      The Holy Spirit & Financial Miracles


The working person will want to hear the session on Prospering in the Low Paying Workplace.


Everyone should hear About the Twelve Money Thieves that Live in the House of Financial Failure.

Those with turmoil in the family need to hear the session on Peace in the Family, Power in the Home, Prosperity in the House.






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