He Sent His Word and Healed

He Sent His Word


Healed them

There is far more to healing and being healed that people have been told. First we must understand the spiritual source of sickness. Secondly we must understand the serious situation of modern day viruses more powerful than manís medicine,


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1 Introduction

2 He sent his word

3 The Word Healing the Sick

4 They Spoke Saying

5 Taking the Medicine

6 Returning the Medicine


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He Sent His Word and Healed Them

There are different healing methods. The following videos contain an example of teaching that is required when you are employing the healing by faith method. A prolonged period of teaching increases the faith in both the administer of healing as well as those seeking to be healed


In this method the teaching would have to continue and even be repeated until the patient exhibits the faith to be healed and then and only then will the healing power flow from the teacher.


YouTube Videos

1. Replacing Sickness With Health

2. Our responsibilities in the healing process

3. How to take spiritual medicine

4. The Power of Life and Death

5. The creative power of the spoken word

6. Creative Faith Creative Techniques

7. Using life and power to heal

8. Using words to set in motion the healing process

9. What the Bible says about sickness being taken away from you.

10. The scapegoat, sin, sickness and healing

11. Christ is the scapegoat.

12. A picture of God taking all sickness away from you

13. You were healed

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