Autumn Short Stories

Autumn on East Julian Hill

The Music God's Chariot

Now I lay Me Down to Sleep

Melody of Yesterday

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This book is mostly fiction but is based on real places and events in my life. It contains several short stories about life and death. I wrote the book hoping to say in a subtle way to my successful friends that there are eternal things to contemplate.


The first is a poignant story about two older men contemplating the purpose of life as they walk through the community cemetery. One of the tombstones contains a quote from Ecclesiastes speaking of the various times and seasons and their purpose.


The Bible talks about the seasons of life. The Bible says that there is a time to plant and a time to reap; a time to live and a time to die. What we do with our season of life on this planet is important. It is a challenging topic but fer more important than people are being told.


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Audio Files

Purpose of Life After 1

Purpose of Life After 2

Purpose of Life After 3

Purpose of Life After 4

Purpose of Life After 5

Purpose of Life After 6

Purpose of Life After 7a

Purpose of Life After 7b

Purpose of Life After 7c

Why Did He Have To Die

Take Up Your Cross


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