Fighting Crime by Fighting Poverty

Fighting Crime by Fighting Poverty


What God wants people to know about using


The Bible Financial System

as a motivation for rehabilitating criminals


There is a growing epidemic throughout the world. That epidemic is poverty.


Poverty is a breeding ground for hopelessness. As hopelessness increases so do addictions, crime and violence. Society has a number of programs to fight poverty and crime but the Bible also has one. The Bible reveals a process that has gone unexplored.


People living in poverty break the law because of their human flaws and frustration amplified by no hope. The Bible reveals a whole new approach for dealing with poverty and the crime it breeds. It offers a process that changes the person but first there has to be motivation.


Could it be that God offers financial success to motivate the criminal to repent and change? The answer is yes.


I was one of his projects.

The following material is an introduction to how a concerned  businessman introduced me to the Bible. I discovered an alternative path to success. It gave me results then became my motivation to change my own attitude as well as my life of violence, failure, addictions, anger and lawlessness.


The purpose of this material is to let people know that there are options and alternatives that need to be explored.


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