There Shall be Weeping
Text Box: God Loves Christians 
There Shall be Weeping

God Loves Christians BUT there shall be Weeping

A Teaching on what Christian's haven't been told about the times of judgment and their evaluation. This session looks at how a Christian who neglects the process of sanctification will not only lose eternal rewards but is in danger of being rejected by Jesus and eternally damned.


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God Loves Christians BUT There Shall be Weeping Scripture/Commentary Manuscript


Audio Files


1 The Most Dangerous Thing a Christian Can Believe

2 More Than Forgiven

3 Our Work

4 God's Work

5 Partaking of the Divine Nature

6 Put Off and Put On

7 The Times of Judgment

8 Judgment Begins in the House of God

9 Jesus Warns Christians

10 Holiness the Key to Eternity

11 The Dangers of Neglect

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